Our Hair Care regiment will help you to maintain your hair extensions in good shape and most importantly keeping the structure as stunning as possible. 

First off it is important to avoid using products with alcohol and it is also recommended to use sulphate  free conditioners and shampoos.

Products that are infused with natural argan oil are recommended and it is best to apply the products while the hair is damp and to let the hair air dry.



 deep wave

We recommend using a Denman Brush,

when combing your curly hair bundles and lace systems.

Please comb section by section from bottom to top.

Its best to use a rich moisture conditioner and leave it in for a minimum of 20 minutes. We don't recommend massaging the hair while it's conditioning. Rinse thorougly and don't forget to scrunch the hair gently to enhance the detail of the curls. 

While the hair is still damp, add alcohol free anti frizz serum. Allow the hair to air dry. Please note, excessive products on curly hair causes matting.

Wave patterns

Please brush hair daily and condition once a week, when needed. Use moisture rich conditioner. As usual please brush from ends to the top. Leave conditioner in for a minimum of 20 minutes and do not massage hair while its conditioning. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry. You might want to add rollers to the hair to enhance the waves. When dry, apply alcohol free hair serum to add to the natural shine.


Please brush hair daily and avoid excessive addition of product to the hair as it essentially weighs the hair down.

When shampooing please use sulphate and alcohol free shampoos and leave moisture rich conditioner for a minimum of 20 minutes, allow to air dry. 

If you do decide to blow dry the hair, please use heat protection.


To preserve your desired style, the curly or wavy pattern the hair should be twisted, braided or pin curled to prevent tangling.

For curly hair we recommend putting the hair in a highpony tail and for wavy a loose braid.

Please do not sleep on loose or wet hair. Cotton pillow cases might dry out the hair which is why wearing a satin scarf or satin bonnet is recommended.